‘Mortal Kombat’ PC Sales Have Exceeded Expectations, Says Ed Boon

Mortal Kombat finally arrived on PC last month. Although the title is “old” in the eyes of console gamers, this doesn’t seem to matter much to those who previously didn’t have access to the brawler.

NetherRealm Studios boss Ed Boon was recently asked by someone on Twitter about the game’s success on PC. According to Boon, the company couldn’t be happier with the number of copies they’ve moved since the title hit retail shelves.

Boon revealed that Mortal Kombat PC sales were “way, way above expectations.” According to PCGamesN, the title’s release was an experiment to see if fighting games could develop a following on PC. It would appear that gamers love a good virtual fight regardless of where they find it.

One individual who doesn’t think fighting games have a future on PC is Tekken’s Katsuhiro Harada. When asked if he uses Steam, the developer revealed that he doesn’t have very many brawlers currently installed on his computer.

“I’m PC gamer. Of course I’ve Steam account and tons of games. But fighting game is not good for PC I think,” Harada wrote on the micro-blogging site.

Ed Boon and the folks at NetherRealm Studios seem to think otherwise. Although specific numbers weren’t revealed during his recent conversation, apparently Mortal Kombat is doing very well on PC. Could this mean that other franchises might make the jump to the platform?

Fans of the series definitely have reason to be excited right now. Not only are they getting a brand new Mortal Kombat movie, they’re also getting another game that’s expected to drop around the same time as its cinematic counterpart. Producer Lance Sloane let the news slip late last month.

“It’s just figuring out the business side of it, and when we would do it, and when we would launch it, and how do we sync up with the launch of the game that they’re working on now. It’s not 100% yet, but we’re getting closer every day,” Sloane said of the new movie.

Are you surprised that Mortal Kombat is selling very well on PC?

[Image via NetherRealm Studios / Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment]