Batman Cost Analysis: How Much Would You Pay To Be A Superhero? [Video]

A Batman cost analysis video will walk you through what it really takes financially to be a superhero.

Some superheroes have to be bitten by radioactive spiders or dropped from distant galaxies. All Batman has to do is buy it. His superpower is that he’s rich.

But haven’t you always wondered just how much money it would really take to set yourself up as the Dark Knight? Would you have to be Bill Gates or Carlos Slim before you could become Batman?

The new cost analysis might provide a clue.

The video opens with a bang, saying that the Bruce Wayne manor destroyed by fire would price out at a cool $600 million. However, the filmmakers do admit that Batman can probably afford insurance, so it’s unlikely that he’s out much other than a deductible.

It’s a good thing Batman wasn’t wiped out by flood, since the federal flood insurance cap is considerably smaller. Heh.

The various bat caves may cost a trifling few million dollars apiece.

The butler may run some $125,000 a year.

The Batmobile Tumbler prices out at a bit less than $12 million.

So far, it’s pocket change for your average Russian billionaire.

According to this video, the biggest financial hit comes from the Batwing flying vehicle. Based on its description, it would cost $60 million just to buy it.

Then Batman would need to spring for another $53,000 every time he fills up the tank.

Still, at the end of the day, the video guestimates that you can become Batman for the low, low price of a squidge under $80 million dollars.

By that cost analysis, being Batman can be had for a price by any number of millionaires and billionaires floating around this time of century. They’ve got the cash. All they really need is the desire to become a real-life superhero.

[Batman thumbnail photo via Warner Bros. Pictures/Legendary Pictures]