Tim Tebow: I’m Fighting Every Day To Get Better

Tim Tebow seems to be losing his grip on a roster spot for the New England Patriots, but the third-string quarterback said he’s doing all he can to fit into the system and improve.

That improvement didn’t show much on Friday. Tebow only hit 1 of his 7 passes in a 25-21 preseason win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, managing an incredible -1 yards. That’s negative 1.

He also had an interception on a pass he acknowledges was a terrible idea.

“It was definitely something I shouldn’t have thrown,” Tebow said. “You want to do your best and play to the best of your ability and have it all go right, and sometimes it doesn’t. You just have to keep going.”

Tebow was able to rush for 30 yards, but as he struggles it’s growing harder for coach Bill Belichick to justify using a roster spot on him.

“I feel like I’m fighting to get better every day,” Tebow told NFL.com writer Albert Breer asked him about his roster status.

It may be difficult for Tim Tebow to make the Patriots roster. Bill Belichick typically only keeps two quarterbacks on his roster, and highly regarded backup Ryan Mallett isn’t going to go anywhere.

So to make the team, Tebow must prove he’s worth more than a sixth wide receiver or a backup linebacker or cornerback, one of the depth roster players who would likely have been occupying a specials teams spot.

Tim Tebow still does have some things going for him. He’s able to give the Patriots an entirely different look, a power running game that the team doesn’t employ when Tom Brady or Ryan Mallett are under center. Tebow has also proven himself as a starter — albeit not a very accurate one — and could provide an insurance policy if Tom Brady were hurt.

But ultimately Tim Tebow is going to have to prove he’s able to throw the ball if he wants to remain on the New England Patriots, and negative 1 yards isn’t going to cut it.