Samuel L. Jackson Contract: ‘They Have To Let Me Play Golf at least twice a week’

Samuel L. Jackson, the much loved movie star and epic Hollywood icon, has turned his attention recently to his true love. No, not a woman, not even another action packed movie involving guns or a planeload of snakes; This time its golf! And Mr Jackson, it seems, takes golf very, very seriously.

So important to him are the flowing green fairways and manicured greens, in fact, that he has insisted that he be allowed to play golf twice a week. Its even written as a new clause in the contract with his employers.

Jackson spoke to Cnn’s Living Golf about the new clause, which he insisted on having written into his contract: “They have to let me play at least twice a week. “Generally they either move me onto a golf course or I join a club so I can play there.”

The Hollywood star is a bit of a dab hand when it comes to the game of golf. The 64-year-old, plays off a six-handicap and is often found teeing off at celebrity golf tournaments. He has even played at St. Andrews and Pebble Beach. Jackson has played golf against many of his Hollywood peers including, Don Cheadle and Clint Eastwood and he even played once against gold legend Tiger Woods.

He spoke about his delight when he played in Scotland against Tiger Woods:

“The first time I played St. Andrews (in Scotland) I actually played with Tiger. That’s kind of a big deal. The first time I met him I played with him at the Dunhill (Championship) and I think his advice to me was ‘Follow me’ — and I actually did. I didn’t hit the ball as far as he did but I kind of hit the same balls.”

Samuel L. Jackson discovered that he actually loved playing golf when he was living in Los Angeles. He spoke about how his friends tricked him into playing one day: “I had never played and they kept trying to get me to go out, and I wouldn’t. They tricked me one day and told me they were going somewhere else and we ended up on a golf course. I didn’t like the fact that they could do something that I couldn’t and I started playing — now they don’t play with me!”