‘Super Smash Bros.’: The Confirmed Wii U Roster, Part One

Super Smash Bros.’ confirmed roster is here for Wii U.

One of Nintendo’s surprise hits, if you consider anything popular from Nintendo a surprise, for the Nintendo 64 was Super Smash Bros. It gave gamers the chance to finally prove once and for all whether Mario, Link, or Bowser would win in a fight, and Nintendo fans finally had a fighting game of their own. Through the years it has evolved as new characters have been included and new fighting mechanics involved.

Now Super Smash Bros. is almost ready to be released for Wii U and the release of roster additions has slowed to a crawl, and possibly to a stop. Therefore it is about time for a roundup of who you’ll be able to play as in the new fighting game for Nintendo’s latest console.

First up is the latest addition, a character you would think should be alongside his famous brother, Luigi. He’s been through almost everything Mario has and he never gets the credit, so as you can imagine, he’s probably got a bone to pick with the shorter and stockier Italian plumber.

Captain Olimar is the guy who lands on the planet of the Pikmin and proceeds to breed them in an effort to help them thrive. Apparently he’s back in the world in Super Smash Bros. where he once again needs to fight for the right of his Pikmin … by throwing them at the competition.

You can’t have a Nintendo brawl without the Italian mascot of the group, Mario. He’s been a staple in the developer’s franchise, as well as Super Smash Bros., since the beginning, and he’s not about to give up his place at the top.

Bowser has been beaten down many times by Mario and Luigi, he’s here to finally get them back for all of those lava baths he’s taken.

When it comes to weapon fighting, Link comes almost second to none. He’s been fighting the forces of Ganon for decades and he’s not afraid to take on newcomers with his trusty Master Sword.

Donkey Kong has been around about as long as Mario himself, and after denouncing his princess capturing ways, he took to becoming a hero in his own right. This ape will do anything to stay on top.

These are some of the most obvious entries in the roster. Click here to see the rest of them and some possible late entries to the Super Smash Bros. roster.