Egypt Protesters Leap From Bridge To Escape Military Gunfire [Photos And Video]

The situation in Egypt is pretty much horrible, and is almost impossibly getting worse every single day.

The conflict between the military and groups of demonstrators has resulted in a state of emergency being declared, Coptic Christian churches and homes burned, and over 500 dead.

Friday was meant to be a “Day of Rage,” as Muslim Brotherhood / Morsi supporters flood the streets in defiance of the military-imposed rule. So far, all the “Day of Rage” has translated into is more violence and bloodshed with dozens killed, including police.

On incredibly disturbing event occurred Friday afternoon outside the police station at Ramses Square near the Sixth of October Bridge.

Multiple social media users captured images of people throwing themselves from the bridge in an effort to escape military police who were pushing them back and even apparently firing into the crowd.

Whether the jumpers survived, or who they are affiliated with is currently unknown, reports BuzzFeed.

The Interior Ministry said Friday that it had authorized the use of deadly force against anyone targeting police and state institutions. This seems to apply to the Ramses Square protesters, but whether any of them have been killed is unknown. An Associated Press reporter said that at least one demonstrator had been shot in the leg.

Here’s a video of Egypt protesters jumping off the bridge to avoid gunfire. You may find the contents disturbing.

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