Muslim Brotherhood Calls For ‘Day Of Rage’ In Egypt

Violent clashes continue in Egypt as the Muslim Brotherhood calls for a Day of Rage on Friday.

Despite the military-imposed state of emergency, thousands of supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi took to the streets and clashed with police.

The recent violence has killed more than 600 people so far, and Friday could potentially make that number rise.

The protesters left mosques after Friday prayers to follow the Muslim Brotherhood’s, who are Morsi supporters, call to arms and demonstrate against the ouster of Morsi in July.

USA Today reports pro-Morsi sympathizers in the city of Tanta, north of Cairo are under heavy tear bomb response by police, “We can’t breathe, we can’t see, but we will continue to protest.”

Thousands marched across a bridge over the Nile river in Cairo chanting in support of the Brotherhood and against the military.

Anger increased after riot police armed with vehicles, machine guns, and bulldozers slammed through two sit-ins in Cairo resulting in the death of hundreds.

The Muslim Brotherhood says it is bringing attention to what they call injustices committed since Morsi’s replacement, Gen. Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi took power on July 3.

The dead include 43 police officers, whose stations have been attacked by Brotherhood supporters, according to the interior ministry office.

Police has defended its actions saying the protesters were given a chance to lay down arms and authorities were ready to “adopt a gradual plan to avoid bloodshed and falling of victims.”

Speaking about the sit-ins in particular, authorities stated, “All ways to peacefully end the two sit-ins were in vain.”

Meanwhile, President Obama, on vacation in Hawaii, has condemned the measures taken against protesters, which Egypt’s interim leader says is not helpful in their efforts to control the situation.

Protesters are reportedly storming streets to follow the call for a day of rage on Friday, which promises to be another deadly day in Egypt.

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