Christy Turlington In Calvin Klein Underwear Ad Lookin’ Good At 44 [Video]

Christy Turlington appears in a new Calvin Klein black-and-white underwear ad to prove that she’s still got it age 44.

Earlier this summer, I reported that the original 1980s supermodel had been hired again to represent Calvin Klein. The iconic model had retired from the gig in 2007 after 20 years of work representing the design house.

But now she’s back and looking good. So what’s the new Fall 2013 Calvin Klein campaign all about?

Let Christy Turlington tell you: “Clothes tell a story. Sometimes it’s true. Sometimes it’s what you want people to think.”

OK. Can’t argue with that.

“But this says what I really feel.” So evidently Christy Turlington is feeling all let’s hang out in Calvin Klein black bra and underpants.

If not, why not?

A word of warning: She’s selling bras, folks. So if you’re bothered about seeing a woman coated with glycerine in her black skimpies, don’t hit that button up top. Otherwise, you’re good to go.

It’s a judgment call whether or not it’s safe for work. I’ve seen plenty of bikinis out there this summer that cover way less — and the wearers don’t get arrested. So I’m thinking it’s OK.

But only you know what your boss will tolerate as a normal part of your lunchtime screwing-off. For many of you, it might be wise to save the Christy Turlington Calvin Klein ad for your after-work viewing entertainment.

I have to say that it’s pretty astounding how well Turlington’s body has held up. Her face maybe has the expected added character, but it isn’t terrible for a woman of 44.

And her figure could go toe-to-toe with a model half her age.

Is it the 80s all over again? Suddenly the supermodel is everywhere, including a recent appearance as the cover girl for the July issue of Harper’s BAZAAR.

But the Christy Turlington Calvin Klein underwear video is one of the best new appearances yet.

[Christy Turlington thumbnail photo by lev radin /]