Sharon Stone: Can We Call BS On The Bogus Natural Beauty Claims Yet?

Elaine Radford - Author

Aug. 4 2013, Updated 5:31 a.m. ET

OK, Sharon Stone, I have officially reached my limit on ridiculous confabulations about your looks. The 55-year-old actress appears in Lovelace, the new biopic about porn star Linda Lovelace that opens in the US on August 9.

So there’s a wave of publicity about Sharon Stone. And some of it’s worth reading, even though we all suspect Stone of being pretty fast-and-loose with the truth at times.

But some media sources seem to be getting sloppy when they cover the woman who once claimed she belonged to Mensa. I’ve seen several recent reports that Sharon Stone hasn’t had work done — even though it seems obvious that she has.

If you don’t see evidence of Botox and an upper eye lift in the photo up top, then methinks it’s time for a visit to the eye doctor.

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But if you’re really that naive, it’s noticeable that Stone is smooth in the areas that respond best to injectables — between the eyes and on the sides of the eyes. And she’s less smooth in those areas that don’t respond. See how easy that is?

In last week’s People Stone said she kept in shape with dance mixes. “I really dance my brains out at home…I joined a gym and I do weights.”

No doubt. But high-impact exercise is terrible for your face. And I love how that People piece actually comes with a photo of the athletic Sharon Stone out boating in harsh sunlight — which really does a number on your complexion.

People seemed to be repeating the claim that Stone didn’t get work done based on a GMA piece last week.

In that story Sharon Stone claimed that doctors were pressuring her to get a facelift. But she nobly resisted.

As you can see in the video, she asked, “What are they going to lift?”

What indeed? From the look of it, her eyelids have already been lifted. And I’ve already said it’s clear to me that she’s getting regular injectables.

So what’s left to do to keep her face tight? And you know what?

There’s not a thing wrong with using those alternatives to an old-fashioned facelift.

But they’re still medical technology that require frequent updates at the doctor’s office. They aren’t natural.

And GMA must know that, because you can see that their video walks you through Sharon Stone’s recent photo shoot for New You.

I mean hello?

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New You is, of course, a magazine that promotes advanced cosmetic procedures. They don’t make any secret of that fact.

In fact, they call themselves “the future of beauty and anti-aging.” And a ten-minute walk through their website — or a ten-second stroll through their magazine — reveals that they’re about getting work done.

In my opinion, there’s nothing all that positive about well-to-do beauties over 40 claiming they were born that way.

When a woman finds out she can’t get there with diet and exercise — and she is going to find out — then there’s the additional burden of self-hate because she can’t be a natural beauty.

I’m sick of it.

Sharon Stone at 25 was a natural beauty. Sharon Stone at 55 is the result of advanced medical technology and a whole hell of a lot of work.

In fact, if not for medical technology, this woman would have been dead at age 43 from bleeding on the brain.

Nature’s plan for women isn’t all that kind.

Sharon Stone looks great. But her beauty isn’t natural. Her appearance in New You is more honest than her words.

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