Fox News Fail: Mixing Up Constitution, Declaration Of Independence

We all know that Fox News is not the most intelligent news source on the planet but their latest failure really shows it. While trying to attack a Democratic congressman for his positive remarks about ObamaCare, one its hosts screwed up completely.

Representative Gregory Meeks (D-NY) told MSNBC:

When Social Security first came out, people didn’t understand that completely. When Medicare came out, people didn’t understand that completely. But over time we developed, we got it right. The fact of the matter is, when the Constitution came out, people didn’t understand that. And there were problems in the Constitution. We didn’t say get rid of the Constitution, we fixed it.

Meeks was trying to get the point across that just because the masses do not understand something does not mean it is bad for the country. While you could argue that Meeks’ argument was not very strong, Fox News host Brian Kilmeade tried to attack him over the comments and ended up failing horribly.

In his attempt to show how smart he is, Kilmeade’s focussed on Meeks stating that people did not understand the Constitution. According to Kilmeade, people not understanding the Constitution did not matter since they obviously loved it:

For one thing, when the Constitution was passed, people fought for it, they cheered, they melted down the statue of the king in New York City. So, no one really had to understand it. Do we continue to fine tune it? Absolutely.

Well, unfortunately, the king’s statue in New York was destroyed in 1776, 11 years before the Constitution was written. Instead, he was actually referring to events that took place when a copy of the Declaration of Independence was read to George Washington’s troops. The soldiers were so happy and riled up that they took down the king’s statue, melted it, and made the statue into bullets to use against the British.