Ed Miliband Pelted With Eggs During Campaign Stop

Ed Miliband, head of Britain’s Labour party, was pelted with eggs during a campaign stop. The eggs were thrown by a former homeless man who asserted that Labour and the Tories are “on the side of the rich.”

The egging incident happened to Miliband during a south London market appearance where he spoke about the rising cost of living. It was the leader’s first public appearance since returning from vacation.

The Guardian reports that Miliband was greeting well-wishers who wanted their photograph taken with him when the first egg landed on his head.

Several more eggs were then pelted at him, catching aides and some journalists as well. Dean Porter, the egg thrower, was quickly detained and pushed to the ground by market security guards.

Porter received a cut lip in the process, but didn’t appear apologetic for the egg pelting incident. Instead, he explained he threw the eggs at Miliband because he is “part of the problem” in British politics.

Fox News notes that Miliband brushed off the egg pelting incident commenting that it “is not the first time it’s happened to me, I’m sure it’s not the last.” He jokingly added, “I’m always looking for new ways to connect with the voters.”

But from Porter’s comments, it was hard to picture the 38-year-old former homeless man voting for the Labour party anytime soon. But Porter added, “I don’t agree with any of the politicians. It’s just the usual rhetoric.”

Despite the incident, the Labour leader had a positive reception from many people in the market as crowds gathered to hear him speak. He was also followed by one supporter, who changed “We like you, Labour.”

Police have not arrested Dean Porter for pelting eggs at Labour leader Ed Miliband. It is understood the politician doesn’t want to press any charges related to the incident.

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