Rodeo Clown Banned After Wearing Obama Mask

A rodeo clown is banned from performing at the Missouri State Fair. Ever again. During Saturday’s rodeo, the clown wore a President Obama mask as he dodged a running bull.

During the show, someone asked the audience if they would like to see “Obama run down by a bull.” As reported by NBC News, the clown’s name has not been released.

Photos of the incident were posted on Facebook. The Missouri fair board, the rodeo, and the clown, received stark criticism for the stunt.

Missouri State Fair Director Mark Wolfe was outraged by the incident. Wolf and the rest of the fair board agreed that the rodeo clown would be banned from any future state fair events. The vote was unanimous.

Mark Ficken, president of the Missouri Cowboy Rodeo Association, states that the clown’s act was not scripted:

“The rodeo clown did an act that was not in the script, it was not approved by the board of directors of MCRA and it was not appropriate.”

Ficken was working as the announcer on Saturday night. He contends that he did not make the comment about President Obama.

He explained that the clown has a microphone clipped to his clothing. Ficken claims that he had no prior knowledge about the clown’s performance.

Fricken has reportedly stepped down from his position as president of the MRCA.

The MRCA has apologized for the inappropriate behavior, and said they will discipline the clown. As reported by NPR, the fair is currently reviewing their contract with the MRCA.

Fair board officials have stated that all rodeo personnel will be required to attend sensitivity training if they wish to perform at the fair.

While some audience members though the act was funny, numerous others were offended by the show. Radio host Rush Limbaugh made a bold statement about the incident on Monday’s show:

“When the president of the United States more often than not connects with the American people on late-night comedy shows… what else can happen other than the diminishing of the office?”

Wearing a presidential mask while running from a bull may have seemed funny at the time. However, the rodeo clown is now banned from performing due to the stunt.

[Image via Flickr]