‘Human remains’ found during ongoing search for missing girl Zahra Baker

Police, who previously located the prosthetic leg of Zahra Baker along the side of a road in Caldwell County, North Carolina, say that human remains have been uncovered during the search for the missing girl.

Baker has been officially missing since her father and stepfather reported her disappearance to police on October 9th. But as law enforcement officials investigated the case, it was discovered that no one other than the couple had seen Zahra alive since September 25th at the latest.

Zahra’s stepmother 42-year-old Elisa Baker hinted in jailhouse letters that her husband had at least likely desecrated the missing girl’s body, although she stopped short of admitting involvement of either party in her death:

“We really didn’t kill her, but what he did after the fact is kinda horrifying,” Elisa Baker wrote to crime memorabilia dealer Eric Gein from jail. “[It] makes me scared of him. So I probably am gonna go ahead and file [for divorce]. I have lost my whole life anyway…”

“The cops know where she is and what he has done,” she wrote, apparently referring to her husband.

Baker’s father, Adam Baker, was arrested last month on unrelated charges, but is currently free on bond.