Cary Williams Wants Philadelphia Eagles To Find The ‘Nasty’

Philadelphia Cornerback Cary Williams believes the Eagles lack the toughness offered by his former team, the Baltimore Ravens.

The recently traded player is still adjusting to Chip Kelly’s style of play, and just last week he was removed from a joint practice with the New England Patriots after engaging in a pushing match with wide receiver Aaron Dobson.

On Sunday, Williams opened up about his freak out moment. According to Cary, he didn’t want to be a “doormat” because the Patriots were pushing his Eagles’ teammates buttons and they weren’t pushing back.

Carey tells The Philadelphia Inquirer:

“I was taught to be aggressive at all times, come out and compete at all times…. [The Patriots] came in there talking. They had a lot of jokes and tee-hees and laughs. Dirty plays that were going on. There’s a reason behind what I did.”

Still holding onto his Baltimore Ravens roots, Williams says the Patriots would have been in for a world of hurt had they been so aggressive against his former team.

It wasn’t just Williams who felt bullied. Cornerback Brandon Boykin said after the practice that New England was pushing hard to bully the Eagles during practice sessions.

Williams said the Eagles’ defense needs to develop a “nasty” attitude that can combat any pushing and shoving matches on the practice field and come game time.

Williams further tells The Inquirer:

“I feel like we’ve got to establish a toughness, a tenacity, a hard-nosed defense, something that’s to be feared when it comes out there each and every week. I think [former Eagle] Brian Dawkins alluded to it a couple of times when I spoke to him, he’s talking about ‘bring that fear back here.’ Right now, I don’t know if there’s anybody out there in the league who fears this defense, especially after last week.”

Williams missed the Eagles’ pre-season home opener against the New England Patriots Patriots. The Eagles in that game allowed 248 yards rushing while the Patriots averaged eight yards per carry.

Do you think the Philadelphia Eagles need to develop the “nasty.”