Amanda Bynes Has Breakthrough, Starts Crying During Psychiatric Hold

Doctors recently extended Amanda Bynes’ psychiatric hold with a new court ordered 30-day hold. Doctors asked a judge to leave the troubled actress under their control because she is actually doing better.

Physicians put the actress on a drug cocktail meant to battle schizophrenia, and her turn-around was fast and dramatic.

The drugs have worked so well in fact that Bynes had a breakthrough this week and actually started crying.

You may recall that the actress wasn’t showing any signs of real emotion before she headed into a psychiatric facility.

According to inside sources, Bynes began crying on Wednesday night and then broke down a second time on Thursday night. Bynes was reportedly scared about her Friday court date, which caused the breakdowns.

Doctors see her crying as a breakthrough since many schizophrenic patients never show emotion.

A source at TMZ says Bynes spent Thursday night talking to a nurse about her future. Amanda told the nurse she wanted to leave the hospital, and she was alleged to be using clear thoughts.

During Friday’s court date, doctors said Amanda Bynes was “gravely disabled” but improving.

While the actress may be experiencing an improved mental state, the drug cocktail she is on can take some time to fully activate.

In the meantime, the actress’ parents have been fighting hard to obtain conservatorship over her estate. You might recall that Britney Spears’ father received the same type of conservatorship after her mental breakdown.

Do you think Amanda Bynes should spend more time under observation?