Idaho Kidnapping: Unexpected Meeting With Ex-Sheriff Ends The Search [Video]


The Idaho kidnapping case came its violent conclusion after four horseback riders met 16-year-old Hannah Anderson and 40-year-old James DiMaggio on Wednesday, and Anderson said, “It looks like we’re all in trouble now.”

The horseback riders came across Hannah Anderson and James DiMaggio by accident. “For us to be there at the precise time to interact with them is one chance in a trillion,” said Christa, who was one of the riders.

When they met Anderson and DiMaggio, the riders were not aware of the Idaho kidnapping case or the multi-state search and Amber alert.

Only after Mark John returned home and turned on the news, did he realized that he had seen the missing girl in the Idaho kidnapping case.

Apparently, James DiMaggio did all the talking during their encounter. Hannah remained quiet and appeared frightened, said one of the riders. However, the riders thought the girl was simply afraid of horses.

Army ranger and former sheriff Mark John, said to reporters “No, they weren’t friendly… they didn’t talk.”

Mike Young, another member of the group explained that DiMaggio and Anderson were heading toward the Salmon River. They became suspicious because the couple were going in the wrong direction and had the wrong brand new camping gear.

Later on, the riders met the couple again later at Morehead Lake. This time, Hannah Anderson had her feet in the water and was talking to herself, saying something along the lines of, ” Looks like we’re all in trouble now.”

When Mark John got home and saw news of the Amber alert on TV, he told his wife, “That is the girl we seen on the mountain.”

He alerted the police the next morning, Thursday, and the police found the car. He said he was glad that Hannah, victim of the Idaho kidnapping, was safe at last.