Glee: The Musical In The Works


Are you ready to see Glee the musical on Broadway? Although it’s just chatter right now, that may be where we’re headed with the Glee franchise. This announcement comes weeks after Fox’s Entertainment President Kevin Reilly revealed that the hit television show Glee is likely to close their doors after the sixth season.

Another Fox head, this time Fox’s co-head Gary Newman, let the beans spill that the music-centered show would be headed towards the big stage. This isn’t that much of a surprise as the format of what makes Glee work proved to work in the format of a sold out tour in 2011.

About the plans to have Glee move to the stage, Newman said during the Investor Day for 21st Century Fox of the plans:

“We launched a live stage business with a sold-out arena concert tour in 2011, and now a live stage musical is in the works. And two more seasons of the show were ordered by Fox.”

As of right now season five is in production, but it hasn’t been an easy road. The sudden passing of one of its key cast members, Cory Monteith, has been a major blow to the cast and crew on an emotional level, and on a creative level too. During an interview with TV Line, Ryan Murphy admitted that everyone was still trying to wrap their heads around what his death means on an emotional level and from a business perspective as well.

Since the interview Kevin Reilly divulged the strategy for what Glee plans to do about Monteith’s passing on the show:

“The third episode will deal with the Finn Hudson character being written out of the show. That episode will deal directly with the incidents surrounding his death and drug addiction.”

The new season of Glee premiers Thursday, Sept. 26.

Are you on board for the Broadway treatment if plans go through?