Princess Diana Grandmother Painting Shows Her As Old Lady

A painting of Princess Diana has been created by Israel Zohar, and it shows her as a 52-year-old woman.

The portrait showcases Diana as a grandmother, and in it she looks happy and serene, whilst wearing a dress that she previously wore in a painting that Zohar completed in 1990.

Zohar’s previous photograph was one of Diana’s favorite ever, and he has now decided to update his work.

The 68-year-old stated, “I didn’t want to make her look too old because I don’t think she would have aged that much.”

Zohar added that when he originally painted Diana she lacked confidence and didn’t think that she attractive enough to be graced on a canvas. She said, “It was funny because I had to keep reassuring her how attractive she was.”

Zohar was appointed, even though he had only been in the United Kingdom for two years, after his work had been spotted at a gallery in Mayfair by an officer of the 13th/18th Royal Hussars.

His regiment wanted to hang a portrait at its headquarters. Mr Zohar added that he believed that he would be painting an old man with a moustache, rather than Diana.

Zohar sat with the Princess at Kensington Palace, and at his studio in South Kensington, and then showed it to her, and was relieved to hear how much she loved it.

During Zohar’s sitting with Princess Diana she wore the midnight blue Victor Edelstein dress that she wad previously worn when she visited the White House five years earlier, and then danced with John Travolta.

The garment previously sold for over $750,000 in 2011. However, Zohar modernized his new painting by having Diana stand in the image, rather than sitting.

What do you think of Israel Zohar’s painting of Princess Diana? Do you think that she would have looked like this as a grandmother?

[Image via wikicommons]