3D-Enabled Android Powered Phones Coming To Japan

Japanese company Softbank Mobile has announced that it will be releasing 3D enabled mobile phones based on Android 2.2.

The “Galapagos 003SH” and “Galapagos 005SH,” will be manufactured by Sharp and will be released in Japan from the end of 2010 to the spring of 2011.

The 3D images don’t require glasses, and instead use the parallax barrier method. Parallax barriers are placed in front of the LCD panel so the right and left eyes see slightly different images, allowing 3D images to be displayed both in the vertical and horizontal directions.

Both phones are also able to take 3D pictures through the user taking pictures while moving the handset from side to side, The phone then picks two images automatically for the right and left eyes.

We’re not sure if these phones will ever be available outside of Japan, or for that matter just how appealing they might be to a broader audience, but you’ve got to admit: they do sound at least a little bit cool.

(via TechOn)