‘Australian Sarah Palin’ Stephanie Banister Doesn’t ‘Oppose Islam As A Country’ [Video]

The Australian Sarah Palin, a 27-year-old One Nation candidate named Stephanie Banister, survived in politics for all of 48 hours. However, her interview with Australia’s 7 News means that her YouTube fame may last considerably longer.

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The so-called Australian Sarah Palin didn’t mention being able to see Russia from her house. No, she’s worse. It’s like the entire interview is one long blonde moment — and the mother of two isn’t even blonde.

Stephanie Banister doesn’t want you to think that she’s racist, even though she currently faces charges that she plastered stickers on Nestle products in a store.

And according to Australia’s The Age, those stickers read, “Halal food funds terrorism.”

Hmm. It’s also worth noting that One Nation is apparently an anti-immigration party.

So 7 News interviewer Erin Edwards wasted no time in asking Banister about her views on Muslims.

“I don’t oppose Islam as a country, but I do feel that their laws should not be welcome here in Australia,” she explained.

Well, that got her off to a good start. I hope we can all agree with the interviewer that Islam is a religion, not a country.

Even though Banister thinks halal food should be banned, she thinks kosher food is fine.

After all, as she explained, “Jews follow Jesus Christ.”

So, yeah, I definitely wouldn’t have published this story without video evidence. I mean, who’s that clueless?

Banister told The Age that she was the victim of nerves and cruel editing. “They’ve completely twisted all my words and made me out to be…a stupid moron,” she said.

Claiming that she and her family had been threatened as a result of the interview, Stephanie Banister resigned from her political campaign on Saturday.

The Brisbane Times noted that Australia’s Sarah Palin had lasted in the rough and tumble of politics for a mere two days.

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