Sarah Palin: Not An Alaskan, Bleeding Money, Reports Say

Sarah Palin’s political aspirations seem to be in free-fall, according to new polls and financial disclosures out this week. The reports come as the unsuccessful Republican Vice-Presidential candidate is considering a 2014 Senate bid, so the new reports could influence whether or not we’ll actually see her run against Democratic candidate Mark Begich.

A key issue is that she’s widely regarded as a fake, with close to half of voters saying that she isn’t an Alaskan.

A Public Policy Polling survey on Tuesday exposed current voters’ confusion about just who Sarah Palin really is. A survey found that 47 percent of voters still thought she was an Alaskan. But 46 percent didn’t.


In fact, the confusion was so great that the PPP poll said 37 percent of voters thought she should run for the Senate to represent the great state of Arizona. Double ouch.

But the Phoenix New Times noted that those confused folks aren’t entirely crazy, since they say that Palin has claimed to be a part-time Scottsdale, Arizona resident for the past couple years. “Overall, it was a good effort by Alaskans [to dump the controversial candidate], but no thanks — you can keep her,” joked reporter Matthew Hendley in his somewhat tongue-in-cheek report.

A confused voter may be a voter who keeps a tighter grip on the wallet.

Nathan Francis for The Inquisitr has detailed the latest financial filing from Sarah Palin’s fund-raising political action committee (PAC) called SarahPAC.

But the short version is that SarahPAC appears to be under collapse. It has raised a tad over $460,000 this year to date — a fraction of the sums raised by this time in 2011 or 2012. And, in fact, the inadequate funds have fallen so much that the money now must go to basic operating expenses for the PAC instead of supporting political campaigns.

So will we see Sarah Palin running against Mark Begich for the Alaska Senate in 2014? Right now, the jury’s still out.

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