Naya Rivera Collaborates With Boyfriend, Releases New Single [Listen]

Big Sean Sorry

Naya Rivera understands the benefits of having a boyfriend in the music business.

The Glee star and rapper Big Sean went public with their relationship earlier this year. Months after proclaiming their love to the world, the couple have unleashed their first single upon the masses.

Big Sean and Naya Rivera unveiled their new song Sorry on Power 106 FM in Los Angeles Friday afternoon. Since the singer and her boyfriend have a pretty strong following on social media, it didn’t take too long for her name to start trending on Twitter.

“Heard that ‪#nayapower trended?! You guys are the best. This was a good day for all of us and I can’t thank you enough for your support,” she tweeted that afternoon.

Rivera and Big Sean have reportedly been dating since last April. The two first appeared in public together during a red carpet event for the baseball drama 42. The duo apparently has absolutely no problem making music together.

Of course, convincing a radio station to play your song is only half the battle. The real problem is getting people to like your tune. Since Naya Rivera’s name was trending on Twitter, people wasted no time weighing in on her new song.

Judging from the reactions to the collaboration on the micro-blogging site, Rivera seems to have struck a chord with her new single. People who are currently dealing with their significant other’s ex should definitely have a good reason to blast Sorry at full volume. Misery always loves company.

A few Twitter reviews of the song can be found below.

What do you think about the new song from Naya Rivera and Big Sean?

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