Pedophile Claims To Be ‘Sexologist,’ Needs Virgins For Research Project

Denver, CO – A paroled sex offender and would-be pedophile was busted last week for trying to lure a teen into having sex with him. But it’s all good because he’s a college student studying “sexology.”

Benjamin Clinton Stribling was busted last week, but gave police his outlandish justification for his predatory behavior on Thursday. He’s facing new charges stemming from online correspondences he allegedly had with a child on Facebook, reports 7News in Denver.

Though he presumably thought that being a “student of sexology” would get him out of trouble, admitting that he needs to have sex with girls who are virgins as part of his research probably didn’t help his cause.

Arapahoe County investigators said that they were alerted to Stribling’s behavior by his would-be victim’s mother on June 29.

She said that he had been in contact with her 13-year-old daughter via social media and was trying to begin a sexual relationship with her, reports CBS4 in Denver.

Investigators then intervened “To Catch a Predator” style and posed as the girl on the Internet and through text messages. Stribling offered to travel from Colorado Springs to Centennial and pick the girl up for sex.

He was arrested on August 2 and is formally charged with attempted sexual assault on a child, Internet luring and parole violation.

Why do they ever let these people out of prison in the first place?

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