Florida Sex Offender Village Called Miracle Village Set Up By Churches [Video]

Patrick Frye - Author

Jul. 31 2013, Updated 8:05 a.m. ET

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A Florida sex offender village is ironically called Miracle Village, but churches set up the sex offender village to help those in need.

Florida’s sex offenders laws have gradually pushed potential sexual predators out of metropolitan areas. So many Florida sex offenders are forced to live far outside any major cities. The Florida sex offender village was set up by a church pastor as a haven for sexual predators:

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re stealing, lying, cheating, committing sexual sins. A sin is a sin, OK? And there’s only one cure for sin… that’s Jesus Christ.”

But some of the people living in Miracle Village are not happy with the situation:

“I don’t think it’s a miracle at all. Maybe it is for the sex offenders, but for me it’s more like a nightmare on Elm Street.”

About half of the people living in Miracle Village are registered sex offenders. Some of the Florida sex offenders did commit the crimes they are accused of. For example, a Florida sex offender murdered an eight-year-old in Jacksonville recently. But others were jailed because of dating while teenagers only to have their love became a crime when one of the lovers turned age 18. Some of Florida’s sex offenders didn’t know the age of the person until after having consensual sex.

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To give you an idea for why Florida’s sex offender village was set up, The Inquisitr interviewed one Florida sex offender who doesn’t want to be identified. This Florida sex offender claims he ended up in jail because his wife of several years decided to become a lesbian, was secretly cheating on him, and decided to get rid of him by claiming false charges.

The man says his wife called the police on him, claiming he was guilty of looking at child pornography. He says his now ex-wife downloaded various pornographic images onto the family computer while he was in jail. Although the timestamps on the images later proved they were downloaded while he was away in jail, the man was declared guilty as sex offender because his public defender wouldn’t look at the evidence “because he was a good Christian.”

To make matters worse, the man only was convicted as a sex offender because he happened to be living in Alabama at the time. Alabama pornography laws state a person must be age 19 to pose nude. The sex offender charges stuck because the court “wasn’t sure” if one of the pornographic images depicted an 18-year-old or a woman that was older.

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Despite these circumstances, the husband ended up stuck with the label of sex offender and the wife got the children and all his possessions. She even got rid of his dog despite him finding a family to adopt the puppy. The ex-wife never demanded alimony, since that would allow him to legally visit his children, but to this day he sends the majority of his paycheck to his ex-wife in hopes the money is being spent on his children.

In Florida sex offenders are identified by large signs in their yards and potential sexual predators are not allowed to live 1,000 feet away from schools, day cares, parks, or playgrounds. But Florida sex offenders also face a variety of conflicting laws.

The man we interviewed believes many Florida’s sex offender laws are fair but some don’t seem to make sense. He pointed out how odd it seemed that he couldn’t visit libraries, parks, or theme parks but he was allowed to visit the beach. He noted the beach seems the worst of any potential hot spot for Florida sexual predators since teenage girls are running around in tiny bikinis. There’s even several unofficial nude beaches in the area.

What do you think about the Florida sex offender village? Do you think laws regarding sexual predators need to be changed?


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