Connecticut Plane Crash: Pilot Identified As Former Microsoft VP [Video]

Friday’s Connecticut plane crash is now believed to have killed at least four people, according to an update from the NTSB.

A small plane trying to land yesterday hit a pair of Connecticut homes instead, and authorities believe that between four and six people could have perished in the crash.

Rober Gretz, an investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board, said Friday evening that they’re still not sure whether there were two or three people on the plane itself, and whether there were two or three people inside one of the homes that was struck.

Though officials have not released the names of the victims, the Seattle Times reports that a former Microsoft VP was piloting the plane, and that his son was also aboard. Bill Henningsgaard, the pilot, is believed to have been visiting colleges with his son Max.

Henningsgaard crashed a small plane once before in 2009, but survived by making a water landing in a river.

Most of the Connecticut plane crash wreckage is in the basement of one of the homes. A 13-year-old and 1-year-old also perished. Their mother is said to be “devastated.”

There was no distress call before the crash, and Henningsgaard apparently attempted to set the plane down in the neighborhood for unknown reasons. Two charred bodies were immediately visible to authorities when they arrived.

“It’s total devastation,” said East Haven Mayor Joe Maturo. “We are doing everything we possibly can for the mom, who is here with her priest and family.”

You can watch a video update on the Connecticut plane crash from the NTSB below:

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