Former UETP Basketball Player Turns ‘Islamic Jihadist,’ Quotes The Bible?

Former UETP basketball player Chris Craig says that he is an “Islamic jihadist” who wants to “torch and consume” Texas, but there’s one small problem with his holy war… he seems to be reading the wrong holy book.

“Dear Texas — We are on our way back from Egypt, and as Psalm 72 states, We have taken over The Earth. Texas, you better stand the (expletive) up for The Truth, or I will utterly torch and consume you, first with Truth, then with literal,” Craig wrote on his blog this week.

Psalm 72, by the way, is a prayer of blessing for Solomon by his father, King David.You can read it here, but only if you’re interested in understanding what Craig is saying even less.

This all apparently started when Craig took a pit stop in Egypt on his way to Amsterdam. We don’t know how long he was there, but he was apparently so profoundly moved by whatever he experienced that he converted to radical Islam and forgot to pick up his starter’s kit.

In a series of bizarre Facebook posts, Craig also rails against Catholicism and Mormonism, threatens a “Gabriel,” (Biblical angel or someone else, we don’t know) and talks a lot about weed. “His Herb” is “not a party drug” and “not a ‘medicine.”


He’s done a lot of other weird things recently as well. Per the Coloradoan, things like: Blowing through an Arizona traffic stop wearing a shirt around his head and filming himself while shouting obscenities and waving a Bible around, making vague threats against President Obama, promising that he’d be famous for his “Islamic jihad,” weird stuff like that.

Though the government is almost certainly watching him, their official line in his case is: “The U.S. Department of State does not comment on a private U.S. citizen’s travel,” but they said “comment” not “watch!”

I don’t know if it’d be better to get Chris Craig a Qur’an or just leave him be.

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