Family Car Struck By Lightning, Moments After Son Wished For It [Video]

A family car was struck by lightning as they drove through southern Utah, and the entire ordeal was caught on camera.

Taylor, Denham, and Tanner Morlock were driving with their father through the hideous weather, which included torrential rain, thunder, and lightning, when the incident occurred.

Just before the lightning struck, Taylor even stated, “I hope we get hit by lightning.” Moments later he got his wish, when the antenna at the top of their SUV was hit by lightning.

The family had been driving through the stormy weather for a long duration of time before the lightning stuck the vehicle.

When it did hit, the strike might have only lasted for a second, however it did give a lot of damage, managing to blow out of three of the car’s four tires. The windscreen wiper on the car also became ridiculously hot and melted onto the front of the car.

One of the family’s sons recorded the incident on his camera phone, and it clearly shows the sparks flying into the air, all while the entire family cries out is shock.

A family member shouts out, “Holy c***!” as the electrics inside the car start to break. Talking about the incident, Denham Morlock, stated, “It’s hot, it’s scary, it’s loud,” whilst his brother, Taylor, added, “It’s just blazing hot.”

Because of the explosion, the Morlock’s trip to Church Wells in Utah, was immediately called off, mainly because their car had suffered a catastrophic electrical failure.

None of the family was injured, but each of them were shaken up by the frightening ordeal. The children’s cell phones and gaming devices all died because of the lightning too, however they soon recovered once they were charged.

Tanner Morlock relived the moment telling KSL, “It reached inside my stomach and twisted my insides,” whilst Denham blamed his brother, Taylor, adding, “I kind of feel like its’ your fault when you said, ‘Oh, I wish we’d get struck by lightning. He should never say it again.”

[Image via Andrey Yurlov/Shutterstock]