Dale Bentley Pulled Over For Drink Driving, Dances Through Sobriety Test, Then Arrested

A driver pulled over by police on suspicion of drink driving, confirmed officers thoughts when he started to dance half-way through his sobriety test.

Dale Bentley of Gahanna, Ohio, broke into the dance on the side of the road in response to the arresting officer’s request to simply walk in a straight line. His little jig was caught in its entirety on camera, which has since gone on to become an Internet sensation.

The footage lasts for around 4 minutes and 30 seconds, and shows the 39-year-old Bentley moving his arms, gyrating his hips and laughing in front of the officer, all to the music in his head.

The incident occurred on August 4 at 1am, according to a police report, after Bentley’s automobile was pulled over because he was driving at 40mph in a 25mph zone.

Bentley originally refused to pull over, but he finally came to his senses and stopped when he got to Gahanna High School’s stadium.

The arresting officer, Reuben Hendon, immediately presumed that Bentley was drunk and alongside his partner they noticed that he was confused and then asked him to step out of the vehicle. They then performed the sobriety test on him.

Bentley then tried to walk in a straight line, but as he failed in his attempt he decided to dance instead. This included strutting out into an “Egyptian Mummy” as well as “jazz hands.”

Bentley smiled at the officer, before telling him, “Come on man. If you want me to make your job really easy, I’ll be like boop… What? Boop.”

He then screamed out, “I don’t give a f***! I don’t care, I’m not driving anyway,” before telling a dirty story, and pretending to be a motorboat.

The arrest report stated, “Other indicators of intoxication included Dale dancing and acting foolish in front of the car camera. It appeared as it Dale felt the whole encounter with police was funny and a real good time.”

Bentley was then arrested and charged with speeding, fleeing police, and driving under the influence of alcohol. A blood test later revealed that he was three times over the drinking limit.

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