Delivery Truck Sideswiped By Alleged Drunk Driver, Goes Flying Over Guardrail [Video]

An alleged drunk driver crashed into a Boston Globe delivery truck and sent it flying 40 feet over a guardrail and onto an exit ramp.

The incident which was caught on surveillance video happened early Monday morning on Interstate 93 in Boston. Miraculously, the driver — identified as Paul Healy Jr., 35 — avoided life-threatening injuries and is listed in fair condition in a local hospital.

The Boston Globe reports that “Healy was travelling northbound near the Leverett Connector shortly before 3:15 a.m. when a 2006 Cadillac sedan struck his truck, State Police said. The truck crashed over the guardrail and landed on the ramp to the Leverett Connector at Exit 26. No one else was hurt, and the ramp reopened around 7 a.m. after the wreckage was cleared.”

The motorist behind the wheel of the Cadillac, identified in media accounts as Vivencia Bellegarde, 25, was cited for negligent operation of a motor vehicle, operating under the influence of alcohol, and operating under the influence of alcohol causing serious bodily injury. She pleaded not guilty in a Boston Municipal Court appearance on Monday and is being held on $10,000 bail. Bellegarde, who reportedly is unemployed, has 10 previous suspensions on her driving record.

According to the Boston Herald, the suspect was carrying three electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards (two of which belonged to other persons), mocked the arresting state trooper “for paying for food when she gets it for free,” and threatened to put a voodoo curse on him.

News reports indicate that she evidently refused to take a Breathalyzer test following the accident and has a previous drunk driving arrest — which taken together apparently trigger a three-year driver’s license suspension under Massachusetts law — and reportedly failed field sobriety tests.

The state Department of Transitional Assistance said it will take appropriate action with regard to the multiple EBT card situation.