Gun Owners Are Packing Heat In Starbucks Today

Are you in a long line at Starbucks right now? Are you growing impatient with how long it's taking for baristas to take the orders ahead of you? If you are you may not want to voice your frustration, as today is apparently take your gun to Starbucks day.

As part of "Starbucks appreciation day" a gun advocacy group on Facebook decided to organize a page called, "Gun Owners." The page which has over 234,000 likes decided to set up a public event back on July 29 with more than 3,000 people attending.

Of course Starbucks was quick to say that they absolutely do not endorse the bring your guns to Starbucks day, and released a statement through Zach Hutson, who told Mashable: "These events are not endorsed by Starbucks. Our stores are gathering places for the communities we serve and we respect the diversity of our customers."

The event's description on the Facebook page reads as:

"Starbucks is allowing us to lawfully carry firearms in their store. Recently, they have been the target of unjust attacks from certain groups that do not support our right to bear arms. We will thank Starbucks for standing up for our right to bear arms by going there on Friday, August 9th."

"We ask that if you choose to carry a firearm during this event that you follow all local, state, and national laws; and if you choose not to carry that you wear pro-gun rights apparel."

However, not everyone is on board with this rally at Starbucks. Understandably so, the citizens of Newton, Connecticut are discouraging gun right advocates from holding the rally. A group called Newton Action Alliance, which was formed after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings said they were not on board with this rally and said the community is still healing after the events that took place.

Here's a few images from the Facebook post:

Bring Your Gun To Starbucks Group Rallies Bring Your Gun To Starbucks Group Rallies

Which side are you on?