Vancouver Couple Marry On Bus Where They First Met

A Vancouver couple got married on the same bus where they first met last year.

Nina Schmidt and Jarred Greff’s guests were picked up by the No. 3 TransLink bus at 3 pm Tuesday and told they were going to the Canadian Memorial Church in Vancouver. They were surprised when Schmidt and Greff boarded the bus and the ceremony started.

The couple first met on the bus on April 18, 2012, when Schmidt had just moved to Vancouver from Germany.

“I was at a state in my life where I was like, ‘I’m not going to meet the right guy.’ But there he was on the bus.” Schmidt said. “We had eye contact the entire time and a seat got available next to me, so he stood up and sat down.”

Greff didn’t talk to her at first, but Schmidt thought she heard him say something. When he said he hadn’t said anything, a conversation started. He told her to visit him at the salon where he worked, and she did later that day.

The couple went on their first date, which lasted 22 hours, that same day. Greff accidentally exposed himself to Schmidt while they were bowling.

“My ball skipped my lane and into somebody else’s and knocked a few of their pins over and my pants fell down and I mooned Nina on our first date,” he said.

When he noticed that Schmidt hadn’t left, he knew they would be together.

“I think that was kind of love at first sight,” he said.

Jiana Ling, a spokeswoman for TransLink, said the company sponsored the wedding. It was timed to coincide with their I Love Transit Week.

A bus isn’t the only non-traditional place couples have held their weddings. In June, a New Jersey couple got married at the IKEA where they first met. Shirley Stewart saw Berkeley “Rashid” Smith at an IKEA in Elizabeth eight years ago. She was running errands with her then-14-year-old daughter, Jashirele. When she told her daughter she thought Smith was cute, she intervened, and the two began dating. They were married in the photo department.

A North Carolina married at the Walmart where they first met. Wayne and Susan Bradenburg met in 2005, when Susan was a cashier at the store. Wayne came in to see her a few times a week, and they eventually went on a date to a Chinese buffet. He proposed a year later, and they were engaged for six years. When they finally picked a date, Wayne suggested they have it at Walmart and she agreed.

What do you think of these non-traditional wedding locations?

[Photo credit: TransLink / Facebook]