August 9, 2013
'Now You See Me' Gets Sequel

So far the surprise of the summer box office has been the hit Now You See Me. The magician heist film starring Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Jesse Eisenberg, and Dave Franco made a pretty penny at the box office and for good reason. The thing that proved to work in favor for Now You See Me, was the original plot behind the film. Unfortunately for most primed blockbusters (The Hangover III, The Lone Ranger), they didn't exactly take the hint and floundered because of it.

As far as the domestic market Now You See Me took in a sizable $115 million. So with the surprise hit, and its workable plot, comes a sequel for Now You See Me. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it's been revealed that Lionsgate is looking to capitalize on the success by gearing up for a sequel about the heist experts.

Right now there's not a writer behind it, and we're not exactly sure if director Louis Leterrier will be back on board, but time will tell. Another question that remains up in the air is whether or not the cast will return. Key members already have more than a few projects coming up for the next few years, so to get everyone in the same place, let alone multiple locations, may prove to be an issue.

One thing we hope is that whoever is behind the sequel, can find a way to make the story just as original as the first.

As for Lionsgate, the studio has Red 2 out, which has proven to be pretty disappointing, and with Bruce Willis demanding millions for sequels left and right, and not making friends on the press tour, we're going to take a guess that the studio is more than willing to look in another direction for the next few years.