August 9, 2013
Amazon Gaming Console? Android Platform Being Developed

An Amazon gaming console is rumored to be in the works. According to the team at Game Informer, a source close to the Amazon console claimed to have "knowledge of in-development hardware."

The gaming publication claims that the Amazon gaming console will be available in time for Black Friday 2013. The console is expected to feature titles already available through the Amazon store. The platform is also rumored to include a free app that will be released daily.

Just like the Xbox One or PS4 the gaming console will also feature a gaming controller of its very own.

Creating an Android developed platform shouldn't be hard for Amazon, considering the hardware it already controls for use inside Kindle and Kindle Fire devices. Amazon could essentially take its Kindle Fire HD platform for Android and develop it into a highly focused gaming platform.

Even if Amazon does enter the Android gaming field, it will face a lot of competition. Already selling Android consoles are the likes of OUTA, Nvidia (Shield Console), and Gamepop. GameStick will also debut a new Android console later this month.

In July, a rumor surfaced that Google would also release an Android gaming console of its very own.

Amazon is not commenting on the gaming console rumor at this time.

It will be interesting to see if Amazon offers strict controls over its gaming console as it has for the Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire lines. Amazon requires customers to only purchase apps through its own store in place of the Google Play storefront. If Amazon controls game options, it could leave customers wanted more from the console and therefore heading to an Android gaming competitor.

Are you interested in purchase an Amazon gaming system powered by the Google Android OS?