Amish Mafia Star Alan Beiler Imprisoned Before Season Two

The second season of Amish Mafia will be hitting the small screen next week, but one of the stars of the show, Alan Beiler, won’t be around to enjoy it. The Amish Mafia star was imprisoned this week for injuring a police officer during a car chase.

The Inquisitr reported earlier that Beiler was arrested after leading police on a car chase last summer. The reality show star was stopped for driving with an expired registration and decided to run from police.

The Amish Mafia star drove into oncoming traffic in an attempt to evade the officers. One policeman crashed his car and suffered a minor concussion.

Beiler was arrested later at his home and charged with attempting to evade police, drug possession, and driving on a suspended license.

Beiler plead guilty to the charges and told the judge that he was thankful that the officer wasn’t seriously injured. The reality star said “there was definitely an angel sitting in my passenger seat.”

Beiler also told the judge that he was a “better person and new man” since the incident last summer. But that didn’t sway Perry County Judge Kevin A. Mummah. Judge Mummah sentenced the Amish Mafia star to three to 23 months in prison.

Mummah said: “You’re lucky no one was killed.”

The Amish Mafia star may be spending the next few months in prison but Beiler is viewing his prison sentence as a good thing. Beiler said that the sentence was “the best thing that ever happened” to him because it will force him into a drug rehabilitation program.

The Discovery Channel hasn’t issued a comment on Beiler’s prison sentence, but it shouldn’t effect the second season of Amish Mafia. Here’s a look at the second season.