August 9, 2013
Lost Boy Says Kangaroo Kept Him Warm, Maybe Saved His Life

A boy lost in the wilderness was saved by a kangaroo. That's the story floating around after Simon Kruger, a 7-year-old boy, was rescued from Australia's Deep Creek Conservation Park this weekend.

According to Australia's 7 News, the saga began when Simon wandered off Saturday after the family ate a picnic lunch.

Apparently the lost boy drifted away to pick flowers for his mom. Awww.

Instead, he got hopelessly lost -- and without adequate warm clothing to stay out overnight in the forest.

A police search, including helicopters, followed. But Simon wasn't found for 24 hours -- even though he was ultimately discovered only about half a kilometer from the family's campsite. His father Etienne Kruger thinks his son was disoriented when the rain and wind swept in after he got lost.

However it happened, Simon wasn't found for almost a full 24 hours. The overnight weather was cold and wet, dropping to a low of around 43 degrees Fahrenheit.

So how did the lost boy survive the cold, wet night?

The family said that Simon's flowers for his mom attracted a kangaroo. His dad explained: "A kangaroo came closer to him and ate the flowers from him, and the kangaroo fell asleep next to him. I think God sent a kangaroo to keep him warm."

His mother Linda added more prosaically that the lost boy did smell like a kangaroo. Awww again.

Here's a 7 News video report about Simon Kruger's amazing adventure:

And I guess this is where I say whether or not I believe the story. It's a little out there. But I have no real reason to doubt Simon's version of events.

So what do you think? Did a kind kangaroo save the lost boy?

[kangaroo mother and baby photo credit: dicktay2000 via photopin cc][fleeing kangaroo photo credit: photo credit: Jirrupin via photopin cc]