Shark On Subway Mystery Solved

Dan Evon

How did a shark end up on a subway in New York City? Well, it turns out that the answer is pretty obvious: Someone put it there.

According to the Gothamist, a New York family took a trip to Coney island last weekend and saw a shark that washed up on the shore. The kids took some pictures with the shark and then an unidentified man took it with him away from the beach.

That unidentified man probably brought the shark on the subway and then left it there to freak out a train full of New Yorkers.

The Goathamist received the new information from a man named Domenick.

Domenick writes in an email: "My neighbor, who took the photo, texted me to say how "boss" my daughter was by holding the shark while the boys in the group were afraid to even get close. Our neighbor and my kids took some pictures with it and then a guy took the shark with him.

Domenick's neighbor, Alicia Vicino, adds: "I don't know what the hell they were gonna do with it, but i guess they took it on the train! It's got to be the same shark. It looks the same. And it was on the N train, which goes to Coney Island. We were cracking up when we saw it on the news. We said, 'That's our shark!'"

So there you have it. The shark was put onto the subway by some random person. Which, considering the other possibilities, is much more likely than something like a sharknado or a Shark Week stunt by the Discovery Channel.

Unfortunately we'll probably never get an official word about where the shark came from. The MTA said that they threw the shark in the garbage and wouldn't be investigating the incident.