Pastor Rodney Willis Fired For Attending Rap Concert

A young pastor, pastor Rodney Wills, finds himself without a job after his church found out he was attending a rap concert.

Pastor Willis, 26, was the youngest pastor the Mt. Salem Baptist Church in North Carolina had ever had in its 109 years running according to Raycom News Network.

After Willis attended a concert by Rick Ross, the church deacons decided to vote him out.

According to All Hip Hop, Deacon Miles Langley said the vote ended up 11 to three against Willis

Langley said, “We cannot have our leader supporting people of this world who are tearing down the kingdom of God.”

This wasn’t the first rap concert that Willis had attended. According to Hip Hop Wired, “the pastor was spotted by church attendees at a Lil Wayne concert and met with the deacon board then to secure his job.”

“We know that many saints will have mixed opinions from our actions, but this is not how we do things here at Mt. Salem,” Langley told the Guardian Express.

“We cannot have a pastor praising the world one minute then praising the Lord the next. Period.”

The question then becomes, is it acceptable to fire someone because they attended a concert? asked this same question, and came up with the following conclusion: “Maybe Wills wanted to keep up with what the youth of the church are listening to so that he could connect with them on a particular level.”

The Inquisitr previously reported on a state champion coach was fired for not going to the right church.

“As a coach, Scott Phillips was never required to attend East Memorial’s church of choice. However, when he was offered to take over as athletic director, this changed.”

Phillips worked for the East Memorial Christian Academy in Prattville, Alabama.

Does working for a religious group automatically give them the rights to tell people what to do and how to live their lives?

In the case of Pastor Rodney Willis, it seemed to be the case.

What are your thoughts on the case of Pastor Rodney Willis being fired for going to a rap concert?

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