Sears Black Friday 2010 Deals Leak

The Black Friday leaks have started early this year with a very legitimate-looking Sears Black Friday 2010 making its way online.

The Sears Black Friday section leaked focuses on some great video game related deals, including green and red DSi’s from Nintendo in special “Mario Party DS” holiday bundles for $149.99, as well as $129.99 PSP-3000’s that come with “LittleBigPlanet” and “The Karate Kid” on UMD. Recent Wii or Xbox 360 title’s are also being offered for $10-20 off.

Offers in the Sears Black Friday 2010 flyer include

160GB PlayStation 3 that comes with “Uncharted 2” and “The Karate Kid” on Blu-ray

4GB Xbox 360 with “Halo: Reach”

Nintendo Wii with “Wii Sports,” “Wii Sports Resort” and MotionPlus

More from the Sears Black Friday catolog when we have it.