Megyn Kelly Gets Sean Hannity Time Slot [Report]

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly is on the move apparently at the expense of Sean Hannity.

Megyn Kelly’s switch to the primetime schedule means she’s taking over Sean Hannity’s 9 pm Eastern platform on the Fox News Channel according to a report. This is said to be the first change in the network’s evening lineup in 10 years.

Fox News previously announced that Kelly, who is on maternity leave after giving birth to her third child, would make the move, but the actual slot in primetime was not determined.

Before going on leave, Kelly, a former lawyer, was the host of America Live on FNC from 1 to 3 pm Eastern, a gig she’s held since February 2010. She also regularly appears on The O’Reilly Factor to provide legal commentary.

According to the Drudge Report, “Superstar newswoman Megyn Kelly has landed the 9 PM slot, top sources reveal. The shock announcement is set for later this month. ‘It’s all about Megyn,’ an insider explains. “She is the new face of cable news. She has it all!’ “

Sean Hannity recently signed a long-term contract with the Fox News Channel, so his landing spot on the network programming schedule has yet to be determined. He could move to 10 pm Eastern, thereby supplanting Greta Van Susteren, or go earlier (and outside of prime time) at 7 pm, in place of Shepard Smith. Other permutations are of course possible, such as Van Susteren moving to weekend nights, even though Van Susteren claims she signed a contract that specifies otherwise.

Megyn Kelly’s move to 9 pm Eastern is very bad news for rivals Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) and Piers Morgan (CNN), both of whom are already struggling for a foothold in the ratings.

What do you think of this shakeup in the Fox News prime time lineup? Will you be be tuning in to watch Megyn Kelly in primetime at 9 pm Eastern, assuming this report is accurate?