Sneaker Washes Up On New Jersey Shore With Foot Still Inside

James Johnson

A black sneaker washed up on a beach in New Jersey on Tuesday afternoon, and a person's foot was still attached to the shoe.

According to New Jersey State Police, the sneaker was discovered at 1:00 pm on Tuesday when a fisherman made the discovery at an inlet in Ocean City.

The foot inside the shoe was spotted just 10 miles south of Atlantic City.

While the gender is still unknown, policy have revealed that several of the toes located inside the shoe were covered with colored nail polish.

Police are sending the foot to the state's anthropologist for DNA testing.

With no clues available at this time, New Jersey State Police are asking the public for help. If you have information pertaining to a disappearance, you can call (609) 561-1800 ext. 3355. You can view the shoe (above) for the only details currently available.

More details to follow when they are made available by New Jersey investigators.