Justin Bieber Club Brawl: Cast Of Delightful Characters Inevitably Take A Bow

Justin Bieber’s messy visit to South Pointe nightclub in Southampton, New York on Sunday has sparked a police investigation into his possible role in his bodyguards’ alleged assault of a male clubgoer.

But, it seems, if not for a little white bow tie it could have all been so different.

Wayne Rennalls, the 22-year-old claiming he was assaulted and left with a black eye, a damaged lip, and bruised ribs that required treatment at a medical center certainly thinks so.

Speaking to New York Magazine’s The Cut on Wednesday, Rennalls told the outlet an altercation began when he lent his bow tie a bottle service waitress who took a shine to it.

As it turns out, Bieber reportedly took a shine to the waitress who was wearing it.

Rennalls says he approached the waitress while she was getting acquainted with Bieber to ask for his bow tie back. Charm itself, the father-of-one described as an actor and model who lives “across the world” admits:

“I just asked,” he recalled. “Like, ‘I want my f***ing bow tie back.'”

Wayne Rennalls Has Accused Justin Bieber's Security Team Of Assault
He got his bow tie back.

Rennalls seemingly didn’t go into details with The Cut of what happened next, no doubt due to the assault claim he has filed. But, he did offer this sartorial judgment of the Canadian star.

“You should dress professional,” he scathed. “Not the way he came into the club. He had a damn hat turned to the back and glasses or something. He’s a kid! He wasn’t even allowed in the club. It’s not a teenage party.”

The above account, ties with a source who told The New York Post’s Frank Rosario the fight, “was all over a little white H&M bow tie. One of the bottle girls liked it, so Wayne let her put it on. Justin was flashing all these girls with his flashlight. The girl with the bow tie went over to Justin and Wayne followed because he wanted his tie back. Then Bieber’s people got in his face.”

Justin Bieber And Bodyguards Investigated Over Hamptons Nightclub Brawl
Tensions are said to have escalated outside in the club’s parking lot when the pop singer and his crew left the club about 3:20 am. The Post reports a source said as the waitress “got into Bieber’s SUV, the guys chased her out, saying they wanted the bow tie back.”

Reportedly, the singer’s security team reacted and a scuffle erupted. At some point, Bieber exited his SUV and ran across its hood — as seen in a video — but it’s unclear what role he played in the fight. A Post source says the star screamed “Punk b**ch!” in Rennalls’ direction, prompting Wayne to throw a rock at Justin.

Allegedly, mayhem ensued, with punches thrown and alleged injuries incurred.

Initial reports from the New York Daily News and TMZ quoting a source (s) who specifically said Bieber ripped his shirt, screamed and “went nuts” inside the club after a slighted female came back to his V.I.P section with a male friend, have bitten the dust in NYDN Confidenti@l’s August 8 report.

Confidenti@l still claim witnesses said a “heated exchange” took place and that Bieber had to held back from a “man he had been jawing with” by his security team, but they no longer appear to be reporting the screaming, shirt ripping, “went nuts,” rejected female claims.

This is most likely because multiple outlets who spoke to sources and the club management deny any incident involving the singer took place inside the club.

However, that was inside the club.

NYDN provide details on the two waitresses who followed Bieber and his roaming flashlight all the way back to the private location where he was staying that weekend.

Meet Diana Bhokasub, 24, who lives on the Upper East Side, and Sophia Rayo, 32, who resides in Brooklyn. The ladies are saying very little, mostly because of nondisclosure agreements they were reportedly asked to sign by Team Bieber.

Justin Bieber And Sophia Rayo Reportedly Got Together At South Pointe Nightclub
NYDN reports that when Confidenti@l contacted the pair on Wednesday, they wanted sources’ names and money to talk. So, we may be hearing from them in the future if those demands are met elsewhere.

Meanwhile, although Southampton Police Sgt. Todd Spencer has confirmed their investigation into Bieber’s security team will also determine whether Justin directed his bodyguards to carry out the alleged attack on Rennalls, apparently this may all come to nothing.

Justin Bieber And Diana Bhoksaub, 24, Met At South Pointe Nightclub

Confidenti@l reports a law enforcement source said: “It will likely turn out that Rennalls instigated the fight. One of Justin’s bodyguards was also injured in the confrontation, which has not been reported.”

The Mirror reports Bieber is upset over the level of misinformation reported about him, which may account for the one of two tweets he posted on Monday after the brawl story broke.

Despite many reading those tweets as his attempt to deny the altercation happened, it is possible the teen star was denying the “ripped shirt/ went nuts” component of those first, breathless reports.


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