Man dressed as breathalyzer cited for drunken driving

The award for irony in costuming this year goes to a 19-year-old man in Nebraska who was arrested for driving while intoxicated, while dressed as a breathalyzer test.

19-year-old Matthew Nieveen was arrested after he was spotting driving erratically, eventually being booked for second-offense driving under the influence as well as “being a minor in possession of alcohol,” an open container violation, and negligent driving. The officer reported that the teen, when stopped, slurred his speech, smelled of alcohol and had glassy eyes. In Nieveen’s Ford F-150, police found several empty beer cans, a bottle of vodka, and a partially consumed bottle of Mountain Dew. He was taken to a local police station, where his blood alcohol content was measured at more than twice the local legal limit of 0.08. In Nebraska, the legal limit for a minor driver is zero.

The police report also noted his choice of costume:

“He was dressed as a PBT (preliminary breath testing) alcohol sensor and had been attending a Halloween party prior to the stop,” the report says.

Nieveen is not the first person to be arrested for a DUI in that costume- last year a man in Oxford, Ohio was cited under similar circumstances.

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