Benedict Cumberbatch And John Malkovich To Join Penguins of Madagascar

Think you’ve had enough of Madagascar? Think again. There’s a new spin-off film to the franchise called Penguins of Madagascar. The film will of course center around the penguins of the hilarious Madagascar series, and by the looks of it, the cast seems to be shaping up pretty well.

DreamWorks Animation has announced that the voice of all voices, John Malkovich, and Benedict Cumberbatch are joining the animated film. The film is said to be released on March, 27, 2015. While that’s a long time away, we’re still pretty excited and wondering just how crazy DreamWorks will make Malkovich’s penguin.

So far we know that Malkovich will voice the film’s so-called charming villain, and Benedict Cumberbatch is said to be a high-ranking CIA agent, who is after Malkovich. We can’t say that we have seen a CIA agent in the form of a penguin, but it’s DreamWorks so we’re going to go there with the studio.

It doesn’t seem like anyone is truly worried about box office prospects. It just so happens that The Penguins of Madagascar are already in pretty good shape, and it’s said that there’s a Nickelodeon show based off of the characters. In addition, the penguins have made their way into a straight-to-DVD film, a comic book written by David Server and Jackson Lanzing, and of course the Madagascar films themselves.

Before you can catch John Malkovich voicing a penguin, you can see him in Red 2. Cumberbatch is pretty high in demand coming off of the Star Trek sequel. Soon he will be seen as the controversial figure Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate, and in 12 Years a Slave, which is gaining a lot of Oscar buzz this season.

Are you excited to hear about Malkovich and Cumberbatch in their respective roles?