Boa Constrictor Kills Two Kids In Canada, Pet Store Responds On Facebook

An escaped boa constrictor in Canada has killed two small children after leaving its enclosure.

The deadly boa constrictor incident occurred in Campbellton, New Brunswick, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The snake is said to have escaped from a pet store called Reptile Ocean where it came across two boys in the apartment above the store.

The horrifying report is currently not very detailed, but what we know about the deadly boa constrictor attack is this. Sometime in the night, police believe, the snake came loose from its habitat and was able to enter the upstairs apartment.

Police believe the boa constrictor may have traveled through ventilation ducts to the home where the 5- and 7-year old victims lived. Confirming they are “investigating two sudden deaths of two young boys,” RCMP Const. Julie Rogers-Marsh said:

“It’s believed the snake escaped from a pet store called Reptile Ocean. The victims were boys aged five and seven. They were in the apartment above the store… The preliminary investigation has led police to believe that a python snake escaped its enclosure in the store sometime overnight.”

Marsh added:

“It’s believed the two boys were strangled by the snake.”

A Facebook page for Reptile Ocean has been inundated with comments from angry people as news of the boys’ deaths is reported, and many sources indicate that boa constrictors have only been legal for import in Canada since 2009.

One commenter posted on an older Reptile Ocean post, saying:

“You know what ISNT caring…have your snakes escape and then kill some children.

Reptile Ocean responded:

“Yeah no kidding… Wow. Not needed right now.”

Update: A second comment was made by Reptile Ocean about the boa constrictor attack, and the company said on Facebook:

“Deepest sympathies goes out to the family of the children. A terrible accident without a meaning. This page will be shut down temporarily to avoid any further demeaning comments. You should be ashamed of yourselves. We all have a heavy heart today. As anyone would. And attacks on the animals owner are unnecessary.”

The boa constrictor that killed the two boys has been found and captured by police.

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