Sarah Sharples Spends $4,600 On Pink Baby Girl Items, Has Baby Boy

Sarah Sharples Spends $4.6K On Baby Girl And Suprised With Baby Boy

New mother Sarah Sharples got one heck of a shock when she was told that her newborn baby was a boy.

Babies are always surprising their parents, but this wasn’t a surprise that Sharples was expecting.

After her 20-week scan, her doctors told her that she was expecting a baby girl, according to Parent Dish.

Being the first-time parent that she is, Sharples was all excited about the news and went out to purchase everything she possibly could for her little baby girl.

Many parents want to buy everything for their children, and, for her unborn baby, Sharples spent about $4,600 on everything a baby girl could need.

MSN Now reported that the mother-to-be purchases frilly dresses, pink booties, embroidered blankets, and even had the name Lily-Mae stenciled on a bubble gum-pink wall in the nursery.

After all the prep-work that went into getting ready for little Lily-Mae, imagine the shock Sharples got when her midwife congratulated her on her beautiful baby boy.

Lily-Mae quickly became little Joseph. According to the Daily Mail, Sharples said:

“I couldn’t understand it when the midwife said it was a boy. All our scans had confirmed it was a girl and I had everything prepared in pink.

“We had picked her name, Lily-Mae, and had the room decorated with her name stenciled across the pink feature wall. We even had personalized blankets as gifts from family and friends.”

Every new parent quickly learns that you can never be too prepared for a newborn, and it doesn’t get easier as their baby grows.

“It was my first baby and so we had to buy all the essentials,” said Sharples.

After all that prep-work, Sharples and her husband, Lee, then had to go through the task of replacing everything to make sure they had everything they needed for a little boy.

The Daily Mail reported Lee saying:

“There was so much to change and friends and family have been so helpful.We had bought most of the clothes from ASDA and they were fantastic and let us exchange everything.The nursery is now redecorated with a Monsters Inc. theme, so we think Joseph will prefer that to a pink room.”

Of course, the new parents weren’t able to replace everything.

Lee and Sarah went on to say that they still have a lot of pink things that they couldn’t return, so they are holding on to them in hopes that they have a little baby girl in the future.

[Image via Shutterstock/ Dirk Ercken]