Lindsey Lohan Sits Down With Oprah For First Interview After Rehab [Video]

The Canyons IFC

Are you an addict? How does it feel to be a child star gone wrong? Lindsey Lohan recently sat down with Oprah Winfrey for her first post-rehab interview and the talk show host didn’t take it easy on the actress.

The Lohan Oprah interview won’t air until August 18 but the OWN Network released a teaser for event today. The clip features Oprah asking Lohan several tough questions about her troubled past. If you want to hear the answers, however, you’re going to have to turn in later this month to watch the interview.

Oprah asks: “Are you an addict?… What does it feel like to be both an adjective and a verb for child-star-gone-wrong?”

The clip doesn’t feature any of Lohan’s responses but Oprah says that the actress was “honest” and “authentic” during the interview.

Lohan recently completed a 90-day stint in rehab. Now that she’s out, she’s hoping to get her career back on track. Lohan’s new movie The Canyons recently hit theaters (it bombed) and the actress recently appeared as a guest host on Chelsea Lately. Lohan doesn’t have any projects in the works at the moment but she is doing a pretty good job of keeping her name in the spotlight.

Here’s a clip from the Lindsey Lohan Oprah Winfrey interview.