Florida Man Arrested For False Kidnapping Report

A Florida man was arrested after filing a false kidnapping report in an alcohol-fueled attempted to keep his girlfriend from moving out.

According to NBC Miami:

“Matthew Corp, 35, called 911 and told dispatchers his wife had been kidnapped by two men driving a U-Haul truck and heading north from the 92 mile marker, according to a Monroe County Sheriff’s Office press release.”

Corp apparently called in the report around 2 pm, and according to CBS Miami, Sheriff’s deputies were advised to keep an eye out for the truck.

When Deputy E.B. Askins arrived at Corp’s apartment, he found a vehicle parked out front that was running with the doors open.

It was then that Askins saw two women walk out of the apartment, one claiming to be Corp’s “now ex-girlfriend”.

The women wasn’t kidnapped; she was simply trying to move out.

Corp then followed the women out of the apartment and began to yell at deputies, saying he called in the false kidnapping to keep his girlfriend from leaving the apartment.

Police say that Corp was obviously intoxicated at the time.

Being intoxicated doesn’t excuse your actions, as Joseph Michael Hall learned this past weekend.

Hall, 19, was pulled over by Police early Sunday after reports of a stolen Bobcat front-end loader had been reported stolen from Out on a Limb Nursery.

But of course, Hall had a good reason for stealing the Bobcat!

Hall claimed that he needed the Bobcat front loader so he could get home without publicly prancing around in his birthday suit.

The arrest warrant states: “Mr. Hall stated that he was drunk and that he was trying to hide his nudity by taking the Bobcat”

Hall was arrested on multiple charges, including indecent exposure and public intoxication.

In the case of Matthew Corp, he was arrested and charged with misuse of 911 and resisting arrest. Jail records show he is being held at the Monroe County Jail without bond according to the NBC Miami report.

Guess it goes to show that risking arrest for filing a false kidnapping report wont keep you from loosing the girl after all.

[photo credit: Tim Patterson via photopin cc]

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