Joseph Michael Hall, Naked And Afraid Doesn’t Mean Steal A Bobcat

For Joseph Michael Hall, a night out drinking left him naked and afraid the next day, and instead of stealing a pair of pants, he decided to steal a bobcat to hide his shame.

Hall, 19, was pulled over by Police early Sunday after reports of a stolen Bobcat front-end loader had been reported stolen from Out on a Limb Nursery.

Hall was pulled over for drunk driving and the stolen Bobcat and when police asked why on earth he would not only steal, but attempt to work heavy machinery, he thought he had a pretty good reason.

According to Knox News, Hall claimed that he needed the Bobcat front loader so he could get home without publicly prancing around in his birthday suit.

“Mr. Hall stated that he was drunk and that he was trying to hide his nudity by taking the Bobcat,” the arrest warrant states.

Authorities initially were called to the Out on a Limb Nursery after a report was made that someone had smashed a Bobcat though a chain-link fence at the nursery and had driven away with it.

WRCB TV reported that Hall, pictured below, was diving the machine along a highway shortly after 7am Sunday when police caught up with him.

This isn’t the only questionable crime news making its way around.

The Inquisitr recently reported about Derrick Mosley, 22, who tried to rob a gun store outside Portland, Oregon, with nothing more than a baseball bat and a knife.

He had then used the bat to break open a store case so he could upgrade to a gun himself, only to find that the gun wasn’t loaded (shocker) and to have the store’s manager pull out his own weapon.

Needless to say, Mosley didn’t win that battle, and neither did Hall.

Joseph Michael Hall was pulled over and arrested a few blocks from him house and was charged with felony theft, public intoxication, underage consumption, misdemeanor vandalism and indecent exposure.

Image via Shutterstock/txking and by Knox County Detention Facility via Knox News]

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