Oregon Gun Store Robber Uses Baseball Bat: Epic Fail

COMMENTARY | An Oregon gun store robber used a baseball bat, and you can guess what happened.

When Derrick Mosley, 22, tried to rob a gun store just outside Portland, Oregon, he quickly found himself out-gunned, literally. After entering Discount Gun Sales with a baseball bat and a knife, he proceeded to smash the glass case and grab a handgun out of the display, apparently trying to hold up the store and upgrade his weapon supply.

Most likely the handgun Derrick Mosley grabbed contained no ammunition (common sense for gun store owners), and by the time he discovered this, the store manager had him held at gunpoint. Said store manager then told him to put the weapons down. In what turned out to be an awkward turn of events, Derrick Mosley, the Oregon gun store robber using a baseball bat, ended up being the only one in trouble.

Apparently, Derrick Mosley had never heard the expression involving bringing a knife to a gun fight. Of course, it also helped that the store manager happened to be better armed from the start. Only characters in movies and TV shows can get away with using anything less than a gun to counter someone with a gun. It’s only common sense.

Of all of the stupid attempts at robbery, this just takes the cake. An Oregon gun store robber uses a baseball bat and ends up discovering the people he’s trying to rob easily have the advantage.

The Washington County Sheriff arrested Derrick Mosley after finding him on the floor, sans weapons. He has been charged with first degree robbery and unlawful possession of a firearm. Dare we say he should also be charged with criminal idiocy? Did he think he was James Bond or something?

The moral of the story is that you don’t press your luck trying to hold up a gun store if you don’t have a gun yourself. Or better yet, don’t try to rob anyone. Crime doesn’t pay, especially when you’re grossly under-armed.

What was the Oregon gun store robber using a baseball bat thinking?

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