Swedish Thieves Take Selfie Photo Pre-Robbery, Which Helps Lead To Their Arrest Post-Robbery

Two eager thieves decided to take a selfie photograph prior to a robbery, which has since helped police identify them as those responsible.

Two girls from Halmstad, Sweden, have been accused of stealing around 2,420 kronor, which is around $373. The incident occurred at a fast food restaurant in the city.

The pair, who are cousins, are thought to have brazenly robbed the establishment whilst wearing balaclavas and brandishing knives, were arrested after the ordeal.

Officers took their mobile phones and when they examined one of the devices they found a picture of the pair in front of a mirror, whilst wearing balaclavas and holding a knife.

It has been reported that in March the duo went up to employees in the restaurant, and then threatened them with a huge kitchen knife, before shouting, “give me the money otherwise I’ll stab you.” The store’s manager then told the robbers to “calm down,” whilst he opened the till.

Police then tracked the duo down to their grandparent’s apartment, where they found all of the items that were used in the robbery. The photo will now be used as evidence in the impending court case.

However, only one of the girls, who is aged 17-years-old, is old enough to be tried in court. Her court date has since been set for August 2nd.

The incident is strikingly similar to Harmony Korine’s recent movie, Spring Breakers, which starred James Franco, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine.

Spring Breakers, which was warmly received by critics and grossed over $30million at the box office despite its $5million budget, saw a group of childhood friends rob a fast food restaurant in order to raise funds for their spring break vacation in Florida. The robbery in the movie saw the female protagonists wear balaclavas and wave weapons in customer’s faces.

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